Friday, April 18, 2008

So little time and so little money...

I attempted to give a boost to my attempt at raising money for breast cancer research today by announcing that I would donate 100% of the proceeds from my zazzle site in honor of my youngest daughter's first birthday.

I ran into a problem to get the word out?

I got two sales today...both this morning and they totaled a grand $5.61. It's better than nothing at all, and better than the 50% I usually donate.

However, I was really hoping for something more like $25 or more.

Oh well! Maybe I'll do it again on my older daughter's birthday next month. And then on my oldest son's birthday in September. Then again on my youngest son's birthday in October, which also happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Why not? Well, one reason why not is that I actually need the money myself...but sacrifices must be made in the name of finding a cure.


Yes! Exactly right!

That's why I do it. To do my part to help find a cure.

Actually, there is still a little time left, it is in fact only 4:38 my time. So, there's still hope, right?

Of course there least Barack says so. ;)

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