Monday, April 6, 2009

Heart strings?

Now that I'm single I feel like I have the freedom to wonder what could or would have been had I chosen to date someone else when I had the chance.

Or if I'd stayed with someone I dated way back when.
Or if I'd said yes when I was asked to marry the first person that asked me that question.
Or if I'd just stayed single.

I'm really enjoying being single now but it's bringing up a lot of "what if" thoughts.

I still remember the intense pain of my first heart break. I'll never forget it yet it was 20 years ago.

Funny that today in the middle of writing this, I just so happen to have a friend who needed someone to talk to and this exact topic is what comes up.

Today must be the day to pull on the heart strings of others or have your heart strings tugged by another.



  1. Wow, can you be anymore creepily accurrate?????? It must be that kind of day today!

  2. I've wondered down those same paths of thinking this week... the "what ifs".... you hit the nail on the head... although, I can't help but think all our mistakes, our smart choices, and roads we traveled led to the little people that we have to take care of... had we not gone in the odd directions we've gone in this world wouldn't be one we would recognize or have some of the brightest lights to sparkle.

  3. Oh any time I think about a what if, I always imagine that somehow, some way I would still have my same children. Not entirely sure how that would work with some of my ponderings, but nonetheless, I still allow them.