Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am absolutely loving the warm weather.

Why I ever moved to a cold, wet climate is beyond me! I think that I must have been an amphibian in a past life and the inability to warm myself was somehow carried over into this life.

Hey, why not? It's the best explanation I've come up with yet that sounds even remotely interesting.

"I'm just always cold. *shrug*" is seriously lame.

I really should move closer to the equator. Somewhere I could sunbathe on a hot rock all day. *sigh* I suppose my lily white ass would get burned to a crisp in less than a day though.

So maybe I should return to my all time favorite vacation spot: Costa Rica!

The rainforest there would protect me from too many rays and the rain storms are so lively it's impossible to not go out and play in the rain!

I've been deprived of sun for far too long!


  1. I'm glad it's sunny for you! As far as CR goes, slap on a spray tan and sunblock, and then hit the beach. xoxo (can I go with you?)

  2. Spray tan? Are you trying to turn me orange? LOL!!
    Naw, I'd rather just flaunt my lily white ass (well, legs and arms) out on the beach with just the sunblock. :)

    And YES you can come with me!!! When are we leaving... I might have a lot of extra time come July 1st (layoffs are coming).

    <3 ya babe! We definitely need to get together soon and go party it up!