Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sleeping in the bath

Last night, I fell asleep in my bubble bath, which is something I've done many times in my lifetime. But last night was different as at some point beyond 1 am, for the first time in my life, I slipped under and got soapy water up my nose. Oh the agony!

I sat bolt upright, coughing, sputtering and trying to remove the excruciating pain of inhaled bubbles. I didn't even bother to wash my hair, I just got out of the now forsaken (and slightly cold) water, drained the tub, dried off and went to bed with my nasal passage still stinging.

So, what was different about last night? Why for the first time ever did I slip under the water in my sleep? I've been falling asleep under a field of scented bubbles at least once a month since I was about 12. That would be approximately 1,196 naps while sleeping under water with just my head exposed to the oxygen in the air that is necessary for me to continue life after napping.

Apparently I was coming dangerously close to the good solid round number of 2,000 safe bath-naps and some karmic retribution of some sort decided that it wasn't going to allow me that record. Or maybe it was the jasmine bubble bath that just relaxed me a little too much?

Whatever it was, now I have to start all over again! I suppose that's okay with me.

Until Next Time


  1. she not with us anymore

  2. Ha ha ha! I just now saw this comment. Not sure why it got to me a year late.