Monday, November 8, 2010

Caribbean Vacation

This will be short because I am still jet lagged and my legs still seem to believe that I am at sea, but I wanted to pop in a little post here about the Caribbean vacation we just had. We took an Olivia vacation as our first cruise and I regret to say that there were a few things about the vacation that were rather disappointing.
First of all, before we even left there were things promised by Olivia that didn't happen when they were supposed to. Such as a host hotel and a party the night before the cruise. The host hotel was finally announced just weeks before we left and the party ended up being arranged by people going on the cruise.
Secondly, the food on the cruise line Olivia chose for this one was absolutely terrible. Steph and I both lost weight while on the ship and we weren't the only ones. Olivia picked Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) and this particular ship was called the Sun. There were some things about the ship itself that were off too...the tv in the room looked like it was made at least 10 years ago if not longer and the hair dryer looked like it was installed in 1953.
Since this was our first cruise ever, we didn't really know what we were doing or what to expect. We asked around to friends who had cruised before and got some advice but none had ever been on the Sun before.
On the first island we stopped at, Steph and I mostly just walked around the beach front, swam in the ocean and I was too hot to eat anything on the island. We did adventure into a jewelry shop and make a purchase and we bought a few items for the kids and nieces as souvenirs for them. Ah shit, I just realized I didn't get anything for my niece. Well luckily she is only 2 so I don't think she even realized I was on vacation.
Anyway, on our second island, we took a tour of the island and that was quite fun. Unfortunately, the 3rd island we were supposed to stop at, did not happen due to windy weather. That really disappointed me because there was a particular conversation I wanted to have with Steph on that island, but we ended up having that conversation over a terribly expensive dinner that did not please the palate and actually upset my stomach.
At least I did get to have the conversation. I still wish it could have been how I planned it though. At least I got what I hoped for out of it. That is ultimately what counts.
Okay, I'm going back to bed.

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