Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow In Seattle

This is Jessica In Seattle here, reporting on the snow in Seattle that was supposed to be between one and three inches but has instead turned into approximately seven inches. The kids are, of course, loving every minute of it...until their little fingers start to hurt. And the adults get overly confident and think they can drive in it even though they can't.

There have been some unusual reports for the Seattle area today. A city bus slid on some slush or ice or something slippery and ended up flipping over onto its side. No serious injuries from that, luckily. A large plane slid right off the end of the runway at the airport. No reported injuries from that. Too many fender benders to even track occurred starting early this morning. Several side roads were blocked by cars that couldn't quite make it and at least three semi trucks were reported to have jackknifed on at least three of the major roads.

One semi truck was reportedly jackknifed shortly before five o'clock this evening. A friend of mine and her son left to go pick up a family member right around five o'clock. It is now half past midnight and they are still at a complete stand still on Interstate 5 just north of where that truck jackknifed about eight hours ago. They are stuck in their car in traffic that has not moved even an inch for hours, have not had dinner and I really hope that neither of them has to pee!

I sent her a text and told her that I wished I had super powers so I could get them out of that mess. It is absolutely insane that all of those people are stuck in traffic for that long!

After hours of searching online for some explanation for the gridlock, I finally found this news report:

They tell us that the Interstate is gridlocked, that people have started running out of gas, abandoning their cars or turning their cars off and lying down in the seats to sleep. The things is, they don't say why it is gridlocked, only that it is! And apparently there are also over 200 city buses stuck in the Seattle area!

I am so grateful that I have a warm home to be in tonight and I hope that those people who don't, have found a way to keep warm enough. I can't imagine being caught out in this weather. I'm sure the hostels and shelters are full this evening.

Guess I'm not going to the appointment I had scheduled for tomorrow morning!

Until next time, this has been Jessica In Seattle!
May all your hearts be warm, even if your toes are not.

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