Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow, Kids and Crutches

So, I get the report that it is supposed to snow in Seattle today, tomorrow and possibly a day or two after that as well. The prediction is anywhere from six to ten inches. I would be completely elated since the kids already don't have school due to mid-winter break. But, I'm still on crutches. And I'm thinking that crutches and snow probably aren't a very good combo.

So as I sit in my living room looking out the window at the mix of quarter and half dollar size flakes drifting out of the sky and sticking to the leaves on the trees in the backyard, I decide I had better get to the grocery store before it gets too slippery out there and stock up on a few things - like milk and soup.

It takes me at least twice as long to get my one shoe, and a coat while hobbling around. It takes me four times as long to get myself and two kids out the door. So by the time we are actually at the front door, it has now completely stopped snowing.

No matter how much I really want to, I am not about to turn around and go plant it back on my couch because Murphy's Law would demand that as soon as I got back to the couch, I would look out the window and see a blizzard. So, out we go!

It is cold. It is wet. It is next to impossible to get my three year old into the cart that my ten year old will push while we are in the store. I accomplish this feat with much straining and a near topple. Tristan can't see around Elektra as he hasn't gone through that pre-teen massive growth spurt that I'm expecting any day now. But luckily Elektra is tired, so she lies her head on his hand and she drifts off as we shop. A rare moment of sweetness between siblings.

Tristan is awesome. Doesn't run into me with the cart even once. And he even reminds me of a couple things we needed to get. I think he might be a keeper. I even taught him how to wash laundry the other day. We are still working on the toilet seat thing though.

Back to the shopping...we get through the checkout and Elektra sleeps through the whole thing. Tristan comes to the rescue once again by pushing the cart with his sister still in it all the way back to our place...which is at least the length of a football field by the time you get up the sloping parking lot, across the street and up the ramp to the front door.

Then he hauls three heavy bags of groceries and a gallon of milk to my kitchen and comes back to get his half asleep sister who is also half his weight.

We get the groceries put away and it starts to snow again. Turns out it was not only perfect timing, but I got the opportunity to be not only grateful for my sons help but also incredibly proud of him for doing so much without being asked and without a single complaint.

Mothering has been rewarding today!

See you again soon!


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