Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well I did it. I took my medicine like the doctor told me to. The result was that I could think of not one thing to add to any of my three existing stores on Zazzle. Oh I had design ideas rolling around in my head, but they were literally psychedelic!
I had JessicaInSeattle, Onomonopia (yes I spelled it incorrectly intentionally), and Intimate_Design to choose from. None of the three matched what was going on in my head, however.

JessicaInSeattle is sort of a more wholesome store. It is the one I raise and donate money for breast cancer research.
Onomonopia was originally opened so I could have another store with a bit of an edge to it. I had someone else helping me out with it and it morphed into a mosh-posh of intensely unorganized hemp loving, poker playing travel products. I am still not sure what to do with it.from and I just couldn't put my psychedelic designs into that store. They wouldn't have matched the decor!
Intimate_Design is where I put my original art. But it is art that I have originally created with my own hands and may have been
digitally altered but they are not digital originals. And since creating art in the real world tends to take me a bit of time, I don't have a whole lot available in that store yet.
I needed a place to put the images of my pain killer induced thoughts and dreams. And that is exactly what I did...on the suggestion of a colleague of mine (although I think she was joking at the time). And thus was born VicodinDreams. A vastly fractal-like, acid trip suggestive spin unlike any art I have ever produced.

Looking back on it now in a sober state of mind, I actually really like it! I just hope to be able to continue to produce more art like it as ibuprofen is usually the strongest pill I swallow.

I hope you enjoy it as well! And feel free to follow me by clicking here: facebook or here: Twitter or scanning the QR Code below.

See you soon!

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