Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Four Hour Sale - 50% Off Hats

I'm going to just do this one really quickly because there isn't much time and I want you all to know about the awesome sale that is happening at Zazzle right now!

If you order any hats and use the Promo Code FFSS4ZAZHATS and you will get 50% off your order!  But there is a catch, this is only a 4-hour sale and it ends today (Friday, April 8, 2011) at 4:01pm Pacific Time!

So get your shop on!

Here is the link to the most popular hats at Zazzle so you can view some awesome options:

Zazzle Hats On Sale

And here are a few selections I thought were pretty cool:

Save A Horse...Ride A Cowgirl! embroideredhat
Save A Horse...Ride A Cowgirl! by ThreadHeadLTD

There are so many more to choose from but I've run out of time!

Go shopping!

Until Next Time,

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