Thursday, December 8, 2011


A friend recently posted something on facebook about a child who committed suicide because he was bullied at school for being gay.  Bullying is all too common.  Many people have personal experience with it.  I am one of those people.
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I have four children.  Two of my children have been bullied in three different schools by their peers. The second one became a bully in an attempt to stop the bullying being directed at my child. 

With the first one, the school did nothing, although the teacher and principal were notified of the bullying.  I had to contact the child that was bullying my child to put on my scary mom face and tell them to leave my child alone. 

Luckily, it worked.

Many other children are not so lucky.

My first child to be bullied was bullied again when moved to a new school. Weight gain and becoming very tough looking was the choice made by my child to stop the bullying at the new school.

Again, it worked. I wish those steps were not necessary. I'm now concerned about health issues related to the weight gain.

With my second child to be bullied, it took four years, two parents, multiple phone calls, emails, and meetings to get the school involved enough to finally stop the bullying. We have an official safety plan filed with the school board to keep the children that were bullying away from my child. 

My second child to be bullied entered counseling in first grade as a result of the bullying.  My child still sees a counselor to help deal with the emotional scars made by the hurtful words and actions of other children. 

My child first mentioned thoughts of suicide to me in the third grade. I still fear for my child's life when a bad day at school is mentioned. 

Will those thoughts return?  I can only hope they stay away and continue open communication with my child about my child’s feelings.

I did everything possible from my side to stop my child from being a bully as soon as I found out that it happened. My child bullying other children stopped.

If only other parents would take the measures I took to stop the bullying. 

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Then, my children would not be suffering.  And neither would thousands of others.

If you know of a child who is either being a bully or bullying another child, please do not idly stand by and continue to allow it.

You may have a chance at saving a life.  

Take that chance. 

Until Next Time,

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