Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Three Moms and One Dad

Children say very poignant things sometime out of the blue.  Or they seem to come from nowhere until you realize that they've been pondering it a while before they actually said something.

Several weeks ago, I was sitting on the couch petting the dog while my 11 year old son was swinging from my chin-up bar and my 5 year old daughter was playing in the bedroom.

My partner needed to get through the doorway where the chin-up bar is located and as she asks to pass my son says "If my Dad gets married to his girlfriend, it will be weird because then I'll have three Moms and one Dad."

I guess I had never realized that my kids thought of my partner as a parent.  Especially since we aren't married.  Nor is it currently legal for us to get married in our State.

The kids must have spoken to each other about this because later that afternoon my daughter suddenly speaks up about it too.  She says to my partner "You're our Step-Mom."

I find it interesting how children come to conclusions on things.  They say all the time that Trudy (our pug) is their step-sister.  They giggle about it while the three of them snuggle together on the couch.  I've even over heard my daughter talking to Trudy and saying "You're a good step-sister."  It is very endearing and I have to admit it makes me kind of gush just a little at how much the kids love Trudy.

They ask about my partner if she's not with me when I pick them up after school too.  They want to know where she is and what she's doing.  I was careful to slowly introduce them to her and now that we've been together for nearly 3 years, they've become more attached to her.  From overheard conversations, little comments here and there and talking to them about my relationship, I have learned that they see her as a permanent part of their lives now as their Step-Mom.

I think I have pretty cool kids.

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