Thursday, September 5, 2013

Talk About Expensive Crap

I just read that the most expensive coffee in the world is currently something called Black Ivory Coffee and the current approximate price is $50 USD for one cup.
I did a little research because I thought it must be a joke.  The joke being that this coffee is produced from elephant dung.  WHAT!!  and gross!

What I found is that this is actually true.  Again: WHAT!!  and gross!

They feed elephants coffee beans (raw and still inside the shell) after picking the "best Thai Arabica beans" from an altitude of about 1,500 meters.

Once deposited [last time: WHAT!! and gross!] by the elephants, the individual beans are hand-picked out of the elephant dung by the some people called Mahouts.  Then they sun-dry and roast the beans.
The website doesn't say if the elephant poo is removed from the bean before turning it into a cup o' joe or if you are just drinking a very expensive cup of crap infused coffee.

Supposedly the reasoning behind drinking abc (already been chewed) coffee is that elephant stomachs have a great fermenting process that they say reduces the bitterness.

So, if you are interested in having a cup of roasted elephant poo, there are currently only 14 places in the world you can find it.

  1. Napasai by Orient Express (Thailand) 
  2. Conrad Koh Samui (Thailand) 
  3. The Pavilions Resort (Thailand) 
  4. Paresa Resorts (Thailand) 
  5. The Peninsula Bangkok (Thailand) 
  6. Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve (Thailand) 
  7. Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle (Thailand) 
  8. The Siam Hotel (Thailand) 
  9. Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok (Thailand) 
  10. The Elephant Story (Texas, USA) 
  11. Anantara Dhigu Resort and Spa (Maldives) 
  12. Anatara Kihavah Villas (Maldives) 
  13. Naladhu Maldives (Maldives) 
  14. Anatara Golden Triangle (Thailand) 

Personally, I think I'll stick with my organic, shade grown and fair trade coffee from Costco.

Have fun, be safe and don't do anything you can't tell your mother about,

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