Thursday, August 23, 2007

Did you know Adobe Acrobat is an aphrodisiac?

Know how you felt when you were a kid and you ran to the x-mas tree to see what you might find underneath with your name on it? Well, that is how I just now felt when a coworker (we'll call her M) brought me a copy of Adobe Acrobat to install on my machine. Giddy as all hell, I was; clapping my hands together in quick little taps with a big 'ol grin on my face while bouncing up and down in my dapper office chair. Damn good thing no one happened by with a camcorder on them! M stood there with a sweet smile on her face and looked at me like I was just released from a padded cell.

I got all excited as it was reading 6% then 23% then finally 99%.
Why does it never say 100%? Sorry, minor digression to be followed up on a later date.
Anyway, I now have Adobe Acrobat... off to PDF some .doc documents! YES! YES!! YES!!!

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