Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Jones Soda Company

So, I am now one of the thousands of people who are in line hoping to have a photograph appear on a Jones Soda bottle. I have entered their landmark contest.
See (and please vote for) my entry here:

I have drunk Jones soda on a few occassions. I think Green Apple is my favorite flavor. My least favorite? Probably Fufu Berry. Not sure what a fufu is and I thought it was a bit strange. My kids liked it though. Well Little T did anyway.

But, what Jones flavor isn't a bit strange? I mean, come on. Turkey and gravy soda? I haven't tried that flavor yet. Not enough courage. Or maybe not enough alcohol right before an opportunity to enhance my soda taste buds. Could also be due to the fact that they only made it in 2004 (a recent discovery of mine - like just now). Guess I'll have to check out ebay and see if anyone is selling a bottle for 5 grand so I can give it a try (when I have a spare 5 grand). HA!

Okay, so root beer is not a strange flavor and they make a damn good root beer (I think). Hmm, have I tried their root beer?

Speaking of not being able to recall something:
Did you know that recent research states that
Qualitative decreases in maternal brain size have been observed late in pregnancy? That is, according to a paper submitted to a scientific journal and now readily available for review on the NIH website. Of course, there were only nine women in the study. But, you know, since it is a published paper, it has to be true. Right?

Anyway, since I happen to have four children, my brain has decreased in size four times according to this research. Luckily, it also apparently returned to its original size within six months after delivery of the offspring. Whew! Oh, wait, I can't say whew youngest is still under six months old!

Oh well. Now off to see if someone has posted Jones Turkey and Gravy soda on ebay....

Had to come back to add that I found it on ebay (what can't you find on ebay) and it is listed with a few other odd flavors for a total of $39.99. Damn, I wish I had a spare 40 bucks (plus shipping) laying around, I would totally buy it just for kicks and grins!

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