Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Colored Paper Clips

Why is it that everyone who has ever worked in an office has their favorite office supply product?

I have my coveted Swingline High Capacity Desk Stapler in silver that has my name written on it with Sharpie Permanent Marker in black on two sides.

I also have my gathered supply of colored paper clips. They are all different colors and coated in some type of rubbery material. They make me smile. :o) They also grip paper very nicely.

One coworker has her letter opener and another coworker his pencil sharpener. They are both electric (the products, not the people).

Another coworker has a three-hole punch. Apparently it is really good. Don't ask. I don't.

Not only do people get really excited about their office products when they first order them, but they show everyone else when they get them, and then they are very territorial about them.

"Check out my new Liquid Paper Dry Line Grip! Isn't it awesome? I'm so excited! I love this stuff!"
*notices that the other person looks interested*
"Oh, and yes, I will be locking my desk drawer so don't even try to get into it to look at it while I'm on my break. You want some, you'll have to order it for your own desk."

Did you ever see the movie Office Space (1999)? Remember the guy with the stapler? If you've never seen the movie, rent it, you'll laugh. If you have seen it, watch it again. Or alternatively, just go to an office and hang out for an hour inconspicuously watching the cubiclites.

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