Monday, July 14, 2008

Looking for a rental

I have been looking for a rental in Seattle for approximately 5 months now. I have owned a home for a few years now and I did not realize that the rental market has gone so crazy!

And the fact that the price of gas has increased as much as it has is putting a huge damper on what I can afford.

I need to sell my car and start taking the bus. I'd love to, but I owe more on my car than it is worth. *yeah, yeah, I hear your violin*

I just emailed the bank to see if I could sell the car for what I can get out of it and then refinance the remainder of my loan. Might work, might not. Always good to keep an eye out for options though.

Now, if I could sell my car, take the bus or use zipcar when I really need an actual car, I could afford quite a bit more!

If you've never heard of zipcar, you should totally check them out. They have a website at And no, I don't get paid for mentioning them. I've never even used one of their cars yet...but I know this guy who has a friend who knows someone that did! I swear fo real! LMAO

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