Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Isn't it nice?

The wonders of the world, I swear!

The day after I am drained by a vampire on paper (contracting terminology in the form of 126 pages of hellacious formatting), I come in to work to attend a meeting about how they will be laying off some of us and we will begin being notified in the middle of next month.

Isn't that nice?

Been nice working with you and all, but don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Oh, and leave that stapler on your desk; it was purchased with office funds!

Gee, can I at least take my plant? I mean, you know, it's only alive because of the electricity that is used to run the water cooler that I pay monthly dues to so we can have fluids during the day!
My plant drinks from that water cooler too, you know!

I've only put in almost 10 years here. Others have put in 20 or even over 30 years and we are all on the same god forsaken chopping block!

So, yes, it pisses me off that they want to make the "recognition program" a priority for the staff that will remain after they kick some out the door because they really believe in recognizing the efforts of their employees.

F off! If you lay us off, we aren't employed so we can't provide any efforts. How do you plan to recognize that?

Yeah, I thought so. No comment.

I write this here because I'm biting my tongue at work. I am hoping to be one of those who is allowed to remain. Why would I want to work with these sharks? I have no choice... it pays my bills, I have children I am responsible for and well, I really like several of my coworkers and look forward to seeing them every day.

So, here I sit, waiting for the next four or five weeks to see if I will get handed a note asking me to pack up my desk sans stapler.

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