Monday, March 16, 2009

Turmoil Speaks From Within Pain Of Years

Turmoil speaks from within pain of years
Of a life lived alone in the company of tears.
Elations of love near replaced by time
Wherein jealousy grew and hence bore crime.
A crime of passion known not yet unto man
Where a love so pure whence this story began,
Became a poison so inviting; ate away soul
While life past by no longer whole.
Memory serves as remembering will
So that fondness survives with great skill.
In the minds of those who once were fond
Live memories of such strong bond.
Love once spoken with bodies and eyes,
Fingers softly caress trembling thighs.
Lovemaking made with angelic song,
Until spite won again and before long...
Turmoil speaks from within pain of years.~Jess

I wrote this last night (well this morning, technically) as I was thinking back on my recently lost marriage and how it felt to be in the midst of that life.
They don't teach you what it feels like to teeter on the seesaw of a broken relationship. Experience alone is the teacher for that lesson of life.


  1. Morgan Vernon BrownApril 6, 2009 at 7:53 PM

    Oh my God!!! I love it! KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Morgan. I am writing another one now. And I've thought of posting some earlier works of mine on here ... some day I'll remember to look for my collection.