Friday, March 13, 2009


From sometime on Tuesday the 3rd of March until 10 pm on Wednesday night (8 days later) I was on an antibiotic that not only made me feel incredibly dizzy but also caused problems in the wrist and shoulder tendons of my right arm.

I am so incredibly relieved to be rid of that antibiotic even though this new one makes me nauseated! (It's the little things.)

I woke this morning to find that not only did I feel rested for the first time since going into the hospital, but I was no longer dizzy!

It's amazing the effect that dizziness has on a daily life. Just walking down the hall at work had me touching the wall as I feared if I didn't, I might topple right over exactly like a weeble does not.

I leaned on the desks of those I was helping and I struggled to clear the cobwebs that swirled around inside my head enough to be able to assist a coworker with a technological issue.

I think if I had been being video taped, my head would probably have been wobbling atop my neck in an attempt to compensate for the spinning feeling I had been experiencing.

Another thing (besides nausea) that my new medication provides is that I can now eat dairy again. Which is an enormous blessing since dairy happens to be one of the very few things in my pescetarian diet that provides protein.

What I want to know if how the hell I gained weight while in the hospital when I went for two days where I was not allowed to consume anything at all by mouth and was on only a saline solution IV. So much for the thought that it would at the very least help me get rid of these last 10 or 15 pounds I'm trying to drop.

Oh well, I'm alive and getting better every day. There is nothing more I can ask for... except for maybe more hugs from my children (and my oldest son to get his dang license so he could come visit me and I could get a hug from him too). :)


  1. You drop weight at the drop of a hat... your weight gain was probably all water. I'm glad you are feeling better. That was such a sucky experience for you. :-(

  2. Funny thing, Mich...I'm still - a year later - trying to lose that 10 to 15 pounds!
    And now that I have a broken foot, I got all down and quit doing WW. :(