Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life On The Sleeve Of The Internet

What is blogging all about? Sharing little bits and pieces of our lives, minds and hearts with whoever may saunter by it to peek into this very limited window of our selves?

I believe that for some, it serves as a journal of sorts, just one that also happens to be worn on the sleeve of the Internet for all eyes to see.

For others it becomes a creative writing outlet and a way for them to be as published as someone who also has probably a couple of kids, a dog and drives a minivan might ever be.

Of course there are news blogs by those who are passionate about what they believe politicians can do for us or against us.

And the list goes on. All blogging is about sharing though, and all blogs have stories to tell.

My own blog has gaps in it that tell of the turmoil I have recently undergone while in the midst of a divorce that took me away from blogging as I believed there was a significant risk that I would somehow incriminate myself with these little letters in the form of words.

It also has stories in it of friends, ideas, an entrepreneurial journey I have undertaken and a small peek into the city I live in and the children I am raising.

Last week I ended up unexpectedly in the hospital. When I had my sister call my oldest friend, it was because I wasn't sure I would come out of the hospital alive. The last thing on my mind was my blog. This page would have existed here long after I had gone to leave a very tiny window into a life that had once been.

The thing that is odd to me now is that thinking I was potentially close to losing my life, brought me closer to wanting to share my life with complete there is even anyone who reads my blog.

I know someone did once because they commented and I know my friends have a few times.

But even if no one does read my blog, I guess I want to leave something for my children to potentially discover when I do pass on.

So I suppose mine falls under the definition of a journal of sorts on the sleeve of the Internet.

So be it. For now, I'm still here to write about my life, so why not?

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