Friday, July 10, 2009

Cross walk button

As I sat in the park near my work today sunning myself while taking a much needed break, I watched runners, walkers and bikers stream by in front of me. Not too far to my left was crosswalk where many of them would stop to push the button and head south.

I could hear them slam their palms against the button to activate the signal and as I listened, i noticed that each and every one hit it twice.

That got me to wondering why they did that. Why twice? What is the point of doing that when once is all it takes?

Is that like waving a polaroid frantically in the air...just a way to pass the time knowing good and well that it makes no difference at all in speeding up the process?

Hmm...something to ponder.


  1. Why twice? Why do people press the call button on the elevator when it's already lit - as if the lift will start moving more quickly because of the additional push...

    Thinking about crosswalks in Seattle reminds me of a time, a few months after I moved up here, when a bike cop stopped at a crosswalk to let me cross--my light was red. I politely waved him through, not willing to jaywalk in front of him, even though the act had apparently been blessed :)

  2. I noticed after moving up here that there are two types of people on the roads being they bikers, pedestrians or drivers.

    The first ones are so polite it is annoying. Like when they are the last of a long line of vehicles when you are waiting at a crosswalk and they are the ones that stop for you. What's the point of stopping if they are the last car or bike?

    The second type are the rude ones that will cut you off and then flip you the finger for apparently being in their way or if they are pedestrians, they will jay walk and then yell expletives at you for attempting to drive through a green light.

    There doesn't really seem to be very many that fall in between those two extremes. At least, not where I do most of my driving.