Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Not much has happened lately that was really worth blogging. I know, that rings loudly of a rather boring life, does it not! Albeit, life isn't monotonous presently despite the lack of postings. I have been feeling markedly occupied with my friends, family and work. All three of those have been pulling for more time and energy from me and at the same time hence leaving little time for posting.

Work pulls at me double time since I work both outside the home and am also self employed. The fact that I struggle to keep my head above water financially takes time in the evenings after kids have fallen asleep so work hours have grown far beyond the typical 40 and it is not unheard of that I knock off well past midnight with the laptop atop my lap whilst amidst product production on my gallery.

I have now been a single mom for nearly a year and I share custody of my two youngest children with their dad. That sentence can stand alone as an explanation for fatigue.

I signed up on facebook a few months back and have re-established many old friendships as well as made many new friends in the past year. My social life is always packed and I have begun needing to plan things out over a month in advance.

Just because I am a glutton for an overactive schedule and I have a teenage daughter at home with me full time, I decided to take on organizing events for single parents with teens about four months ago. I do at least one event per month and have quickly discovered that I have to consult my daughter to find out what teenagers like to do in the city. Since I spent my teen years in a small coastal town where hanging out in the dunes was the epitome of excitement, I appreciate my daughter's assistance in planning the events.

And now I've come to a point in the evening where I need to get something on the table, and get ready to move on to being creative for my gallery.

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