Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I am currently sitting in the chair in front of my computer at work with my feet on a heated footstool, a radiating heater by my left side, a cup of hot tea to my right and a wool blanket wrapped around my shoulders.

The hairs on my arms are still standing at attention.

I can't seem to warm up on this chilly Autumn day with breezes blowing red and orange leaves across the parking lot behind the building.

I'd love hot spicy soup for lunch, but going outside right now in that crisp Autumnal air does not sound inviting or seem to warrant chilling my bones further in search of the internal warmth a hot soup would provide.

I wonder if I could find a place that would deliver soup to me for the five dollar bill I have in my left jeans pocket.

I believe I must investigate this.

Now if only I could locate my jacket. Last I recall it was on the back of my chair. It seems to have traveled on its own to an undisclosed location.

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