Thursday, December 31, 2009


This year I decided to write New Year's Resolutions. I haven't actually written down resolutions for over 15 years now. I've made a lot of life changes just in the last year, so I thought, hell, why not do some resolutions too!

And so here they are:

1) keep up with my writing.

2) continue exercising to make my final weight goal.

3) get back into art - painting, sketching, photography, etc.

4) to be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.

For number one, I want to continue blogging in both of my blogs and also to keep writing the book I started recently.

Number two is only 13 pounds away so I should be able to do that without issue and exercising is something I enjoy doing which makes getting to that goal all that much easier to attain.

Number three is something my heart and soul have been longing for. I recharged my camera the other day and have since filled it up with pictures twice now. I love photography and miss it drastically! As for the sketching, I recently sketched both of my teenagers. Each sketch done in a short ten minutes each. I want to start doing quick sketches like that a lot more. Then, I'll refine my techniques after I'm more comfortable. Painting is something I've only done a few times, but this year, I want to try oils. I've done watercolours before, but never oils. I'm longing for the experimentation.

Number four is something I have been working on without having words to put to it but came across these words and found they were the perfect missing puzzle piece in my desires to become more of me. If I am true to myself, I will be stronger for it. And if I am a stronger me, I will secure a peace of mind only obtainable when one is genuinely following their heart.

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