Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let's take a look

So, it is now nearly the end of January, and I've decided it's time for me to take a look at my resolutions and do a little self-evaluation.

Resolution number one was to "keep up with my writing".

Let's see how that is going...

Well, I haven't added to any of my blogs, I quit doing my morning pages after less than a week and I haven't even opened the book I'm writing.

I think it's time for me to pick up my pen and get to writing again! This is me kicking myself in the ass.

Resolution number two was to "continue exercising to make my final weight goal".

Hmm, well I did not exercise at all last week and I gained 7.1 pounds. Yes, in one week! I exercised again this week and so far have lost 5 of those 7.1 pounds and even passing my two week goal. Not too bad but I need to not take a week off as it's just way too dangerous for me as I know myself well enough to know that if I do, I just might become a fat couch potato!

Resolution number three was to "get back into art - painting, sketching, photography, etc".

That has been going very well for me. Not only have I started sketching again, but people seem to like my work! I've started playing my flute for my daughter at bed time and she loves it, so I found some sheet music online and am driven to make myself learn how to read it again after a 20 year hiatus. I haven't taken any photographs recently, but I am certain that will come when I am in a place that stirs my soul into the cauldron of a lens. Painting I haven't tried yet, but I did try some crayons without much success. A few people liked that piece, but it was by far my least favorite of my recent works.

My final and fourth resolution was to "be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind".

This one is my most vague of resolutions but I definitely feel at peace and dare I even write it in black and white for whoever to see? Yes, I think I shall. I've begun that journey frequently referred to as falling in love. I'm being strong enough to allow myself to accept the emotion, the feelings, that are brewing deep within me and I'm at peace with them. I think I can hold my head high on being true to this resolution thus far.

Well, two and a half out of four isn't bad. I need to get going on the writing and not drop the ball on the exercise, but all in all, I'm doing fairly well at almost a month into the year.

Next month, you just wait...I will have much more positive things to say about how I have done.

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