Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vacation bug!!!

I just got back last Tuesday from a week-long vacation with my girlfriend. We first went to Disneyland/California Adventure for two days, then two days oceanside in Laguna Beach, CA and finally four days in Las Vegas, NV.

We rode nearly every roller coaster on the trip including a stop at Stateline to ride the one there as we were driving into NV from CA.

Neither of us are gamblers, so Vegas was spent site-seeing, visiting her mom who lives there, and walking around with a beer in our hands since it's legal to drink in the streets there.

I have only once before ever been on vacation but I had kids with me that time. This time, it was just my girlfriend and me and it felt like the vacation I've been waiting for my entire life!

At home, her and I only get to see each other every other week since I have my kids every other week and life gets so busy with them. She occasionally has time to come over for dinner with the kids and me, but I miss her when we are apart.

On vacation, we had the opportunity to spend each and every day with each other and it was amazing to be able to wake up next to her, let her sleep in for an hour or two past me (I'm the early riser) and go for a walk, get a cup of tea and read some of my book.

Now that we are back, I find it so hard to be in my home while she is in hers; both back in our daily schedules in which our paths do not cross until some time next weekend save for a short visit later tonight.

Already we are wanting to go on vacation together again and both of us are so looking forward to that carefree feeling returning yet again as we head off on another adventure.

We have both been checking airline prices, cruise schedules, theme park rides and more.

I can't wait to go again and now that I know what it is like to be on vacation, it will not be far in the future before I am packing a bag for an as yet undetermined destination.

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