Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tightening The Belt

Nope, this one is not about finances, people, it's about weight loss and how when I put my pants on this morning and buckled my belt, I discovered that I could tighten my belt down by another notch!

Hell yeah! This is exactly the motivation I needed to continue with my workouts. This is fucking awesome! I just measured and I've officially lost another 1.25 inches from my waist.

Oh I feel good...and now not nearly as guilty as I did yesterday morning while I was macking down on that oh so delicious doughnut that my evil coworker brought in and placed on my path to my desk.

Yes, I ate the whole thing. I even licked my fingers. But I have been working out and this just proves to me that even if I have a weak will power when it comes to doughnuts, french fries, pancakes, potato chips, Dick's burgers and milkshakes, I can still lose weight and make progress if I just do my best to eat healthy ninety percent of the time.

Besides, I have to give myself room to cheat or I'll never stick to my diet. I know that of myself starting off. So why torture myself and everyone around me by becoming a total bitch just because I want to eat a bag of barbecue flavored chips and I'm depriving myself?

Yeah, no point unless losing friends and ruining my relationship is my ultimate goal. Since that is not my goal, I am eating some goddamned food when I'm craving it (sometimes).

Hey, it's working, so I'm going to keep doing it!

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