Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board

I knew it had been a long time since I picked up the tools of one of my all too many hobbies and put sharpened charcoal to paper to make an image existing in my minds eye appear on the page.

What I failed to realize, until calculating it all out, was that it has actually been four months! How has my pour soul survived for four months being trapped inside me with nary a day to be unleashed in the form of a sketch?

So what made today that day that I should pick up my pencils again? I happened upon a September 2010 issue of Vogue Magazine being given away to the first hand that should grab it in the lobby of my building. Something in me possessed me to grasp it tightly to my bosom and carry it swiftly to my kitchen counter where I proceeded to turn every page one-by-one pausing every few to rip from it's innards any photograph that caught my eye.

Page after page began piling up on my kitchen counter top and by the time I got to the last I'd torn twenty-four pages from within to use as ideas and model poses for sketches. I set myself up on my couch with my special pencils, my charcoal, my kneading eraser and my smudgers that I keep in an old cigar box. I propped up a page with a photograph of a young woman standing nude and pictured from the hip up. I drew a nude woman from the mid thigh up as you can see.

It didn't turn out well but it isn't my worst work and it's still a work in progress so I can still tinker with it but overall, after taking a four month hiatus, I'm feeling rather satisfied to be back at my drawing board again.

And I've noticed I'm also back to blogging as well.

I'll tell you all later what has suddenly produced such copious amounts of free time in my world. I'm using it well I do believe!

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