Sunday, October 10, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is breast cancer awareness month. Not sure why there is only one month to bring awareness to this devastating disease, but ranting is not what my post today is about.

Today, I write to let you know that you too can help fight to fund the cure for breast cancer. I do. Every year I make a donation to fund breast cancer research. So far I have raised over $500. No, it's not a lot, but I've been doing it for only 3 years, I'm a single mom and I was recently laid off from a job I had for 10 years so I'm thinking, hey, it's not too shabby!

If you would like to help me fund the fight for a cure and add to the $500 I've already raised, you can follow these instructions:

To place a Pink Ribbon order, go to
and order any of the products in that category.
Thank you to all who have helped to fund the fight for a cure already!

If you would like to follow my progress, you can join my product page here (or click the link on my blog page):

I would love to have more fans and have you pass on the word that they too can help to raise fund to fight for a cure for breast cancer.

Have you done your monthly self exam or made an appointment for your next mammogram yet?


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