Monday, December 20, 2010


I have designed an invitation to be the chosen invitation for the Zazzle holiday party that they will be having in January. The unfortunate thing is that Zazzle has decided that all their contests will now be held via a Facebook app. A lot of my friends do not want to download an app just to vote for me. Which I completely understand as I wouldn't want to download one just to vote for them on something either.

Luckily I'm in the top ten the top ten get to be finalists - which will then be sent over to Zazzle for a panel of judges to view and decide on which one they like best based on the number of votes received, the design quality and the creativity. Basically, they just take the top ten and then it's a total toss up from there because it will all come down to what the panel of judges like best.

If you wouldn't mind downloading the app, you can vote for me here: Red Berries In The Snow Invitation
If for some reason that doesn't work try to copy and paste: and vote for your favorite - which I really hope is the one I designed "Red Berries In The Snow".

I find it frustrating that the person who currently has the most votes in this contest only has that many votes because they must have a large list of friends willing to download the app. I do have to admit, I like their design. And I am a friend of theirs on facebook, but that doesn't mean I don't want to win the contest.

The winner of the contest will get two things:

  1. 300 of the winning invitations will be ordered by Zazzle and used for their holiday party. Up to $100 in royalties will be paid out to the winner as a result of these 300 invitations.
  2. A feature in the Zazzle Blog. This will be HUGE for whoever wins as it will get them noticed. And being noticed among thousands of other Zazzlers is not easy to do!
I could use the prize behind door number one but the prize behind door number two would outweigh the first one tremendously in my book!
I need more visibility!
I need more people to know about Jessica In Seattle!
I need more customers!

Why do I need this so badly? Why am I practically begging you to vote for my design? The short of it is that I'm a single mom who's trying to support her kids on the income she brings in by Zazzle alone. I got laid off six months ago and unemployment has nearly run out. I'm getting to that desperate point.

So, please head on over to facebook. Check out the Holiday Party Invitation app and give me your vote once per day until January 3, 2011 at 11:59pm pacific time. It's easier than pie!

You can also view my page on Facebook!

Thanks, and come again!

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