Friday, December 24, 2010

Cujo the Cat

Recently a friend of mine put up yet another photograph on Facebook of his totally adorable kitty, Cujo. When he first got Cujo, he had been taken away from his mama cat too soon and wasn't weaned yet so Matt fed Cujo with a tiny little kitten bottle and some kitten formula. Cujo is now eating real kitty food and has grown quite a lot!

Matt recently painted his place and the painters brought in a ladder. Cujo soon discovered this ladder and decided it was his new favorite spot. More pictures of Cujo started appearing on Facebook again!

I saw one particular picture of Cujo sitting atop the ladder in front of an orange wall and asked Matt if I could steal away the photograph and use it for my own personal gain. He gladly gave me permission. I headed right over to my image altering program and started playing with the photo.

Once I was finished with it, I realized a Cujo the Cat Calendar would be awesome and I knew Matt had tons of photos of the adorable subject!

So, I soon sent Matt another message..."Hey, could I possibly choose a total of twelve photographs of Cujo?" Of course, Matt told me I could use any of the photos I wanted...and even sent me one he wanted me to incorporate.

It took me about three hours to alter all twelve of the photos and put them into the calendar. But I think it turned out amazingly!

I plan on making another calendar with more Cujo photos Matt has uploaded in the last couple of days. And...I have also used the individual photographs to create some other awesome Cujo the Cat products! Check them out...Cujo is the cutest!

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