Friday, January 14, 2011

All In A Name

I have a rather unique middle name. Especially for someone of my gender. And, I rather like my middle name as it matches my roots (Irish/Scot) and my enjoyment of being different than everyone else in some way. Even if it's a small way...I still get to be one in a million. Or, possibly more than that. Which is quite different from my first name wherein I am one of probably several billion.

Shaw. That's it. Nope, it's not my surname; it is my middle name. I actually went by my middle name for about two years as a teen, but only to a select group of friends. And one friend knew me by both Jessi and Shaw so she called me Shawsi, but she was the only one to ever call me that to this day. No matter how unique that one is, I don't want that nickname to make a comeback. Funny thing is I can't for the life of me recall her name now. Hmm. Now I feel just a twinge of guilt.

Anyway, I periodically check to see if my middle name has hit the charts yet and as of yet, it still has not. As a surname, sure; but not as a first name for either a girl or a boy...but especially not for a girl. As a matter of fact, several websites will tell you that Shaw has never once appeared on the list of top 1,000 names in the US.

Footloose. There has to be maaaaybe 25 people on the planet who haven't seen Footloose (purely judged by the six degrees of Kevin Bacon) and they all live in a remote village deep in the Amazon (for those of you who slept through Geography, this is the jungle not the dot com).

I'll bet you that I am the only person you know who would get this little bit of trivia correct (before the publishing of this article, anyway). The question: "What is the name of Ariel's father in Footloose?" The answer: "Shaw. Or rather, Reverend Shaw Moore if you want to get totally technical." The only character I've ever known who's first name was Shaw. Go ahead. Google it. Try to prove me wrong.

Hey, if you can, I'll be happy to hear it!

And if you are named Shaw, I'll be happy to hear that as well.

Until next time,

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