Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting Organized

Some things in my life I have been way too lackadaisical about lately. My main Zazzle store, JessicaInSeattle, for instance has needed a major facelift for about two years now! Okay, I agree, that can not reasonably be defined as "lately". But I have been meaning to get to it lately and I have been procrastinating worse than I ever have before!

Why I have procrastinated is the million dollar question. I haven't the slightest clue. I have, however received some fantastic motivation from my girlfriend and also from fellow Zazzlers. Yes, we call ourselves "Zazzlers". Geeky isn't it? And I kind of love it. It's just geeky and ridiculous enough that I really enjoy being referred to by the title.

Okay, that was a little bit off topic. I'm channeling my inner a.d.d. child today.

So, I did a little bit of organizational work on my store today and I think it's coming along...SLOWLY!!! Oh. My. God. Has there ever been a more tedious job! Yes, yes, I'm sure you can think of one. But we aren't here chit chatting about you now, are we?

I now have several categories on my page that are entirely (or mostly) empty and will require deletion when I am finished. And I have a whole hoard of new categories that are filling up quite nicely, if I do take a moment to toot my horn here and I believe I have full right to do that. So, there. It has been tooted!

And now, I take my deep breath, shrugging my shoulders with the incredible inhale and letting them fall back to natural with the overly dramatic exhale as I struggle with getting my brain to focus on what the hell it had planned for me to write next. But alas, I have lost it.

So, I shall, instead take this as a sign that I am most definitely in need of some herbal tea, melatonin, a hot bath and the last few pages of my current book.

Good night to you all...and may you dream of gumdrops and sugar plum fairies...just don't get any of them stuck in your hair!


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