Saturday, December 11, 2010

Home With Sniffles

My daughter woke up at three a.m. the other morning reporting that her forehead hurt. Unfortunately, she also felt warm to the touch. Not a good sign! When she was still warm as we were getting her older brother ready for school, I took her temperature. Yep, she had a low grade fever. A call was made to her daycare to let them know that she would be spending the day with Mom.

We dropped big brother off at school and headed home where we snuggled and watched Miracle On 34th Street on streaming Netflix. Gotta love Netflix (and the new downloadable channel for it on our Wii)!

After the movie, she was feeling warmer again so I put her in the bath with her five rubber duckies and some bubbles. Did you ever hear that song about the five little ducks? You should check it's pretty cute! While she was in the bath, we read several of Aesop's Fables. I still try to teach my kids about life's lessons even while they are sick with the sniffles playing with rubber ducks in a bubble bath!

We rinsed off the bubbles, dried her off and I fed her some chicken and mashed potatoes (her pick) while she was tucked into bed. I think all kids who stay home for the day should get to be fed lunch in bed. Makes not feeling good feel a little bit better.

As she took her nap a couple hours later, I got a chance to finally work on a new product available on Zazzle. Necklaces!!! They are so much fun to work on! In a matter of two days, I have now made over 50 necklaces between my two sites!

Anyway, back to Sniffles McSnuggly who I had to wake up from her nap in order to go pick up her brother from school in time.

She konked back out in the car on the way to the school and stayed asleep on my shoulder while I talked to my sons teachers and we visited his librarian. She got very heavy after a little bit!

We headed back home with Sniffles and her big brother. She's feeling a bit better now...especially after eating a chocolate a day from her advent calendar. I think the Harry Potter series may have it right...chocolate does have healing properties!

Until next time,
Jessica In Seattle

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