Sunday, March 20, 2011

Reorganizing My Life One Room At A Time

I've been on this reorganization kick for almost two weeks now. It started with the idea that my kids who share a room are getting to a point where they are going to require their own space soon. Tristan is ten and Ellie is almost four. I know in the next year or so they are going to require separate rooms.

I'm not looking forward to the move so I began thinking about how I might move the furniture around in their room to provide them each with a space to call their own and keep the little sister out of the big brothers K'nex set. That had been a particular point of contention between them since the K'nex arrived on Christmas.

I blogged a few days ago
about how I had reorganized their room and now they have better space. Amazingly, they have also begun spending a lot more time in there as well which I think is totally awesome!

Reorganizing their room made me think that I should reorganize my space as well. Since I live in a one bedroom apartment in which the kids have the bedroom, the rest of my place is effectively a studio apartment. In the living room I have a futon couch during the day and it lies flat to become my bed every evening. Just a couple feet away is my office and a step or two from that is the dining room table. I can reach over the kitchen counter from my office and reach the sink.

I blogged about the reorganization that went into changing this space around the other day as well. It needed it. Badly. And the flow of the space feels so overwhelmingly much better now. Although it is not totally complete as I have a corner by my bed where I uninhibitedly tossed shit that I didn't know what to do with yet while I was doing the reorganization.

However, much of that will be taken care of by the fact that yesterday, we took a trip to Goodwill and I found a filing cabinet fo
r half of the shit that is in the corner as it's largely papers I have to keep for varying reasons.

A trip to a consignment shop will be on the list this coming week to see if we can make a dollar or two on some of the things my kids have recently outgrown. Like the two nearly brand new pair of boots my son can no longer get his ever expanding feet into.

As we continue with the reorg, the cupboards under my bathroom sink were redone by my son this morning. I think he's catching my bug. The one that won't allow me to sit for longer than about ten minutes. I've already got up once while writing this to readjust how the television was sitting on top of the DVD cabinet. The next thing I need is a real entertainment center as the DVD cabinet is not really big enough to hold my television.

My neighbours (luckily none below me) must think I'm totally OCD suddenly as I've now begun vacuuming at least three times a day depending on if I've moved any furniture. And I can't seem to get the rug under my dining room table to lie flat. It keeps bunching up on one end.

I am finally beginning to feel like I actually live in my place though as I've hung a few pictures on the walls. And I've put my easel up in my office so I will be reminded that I'm in the middle of a piece and that I should actually work on it.

Yesterday things went into my filing cabinet and tomorrow more will go. On the list for this week is obviously the corner of shit and also my kitchen cupboards. They are a disaster, really and need to be fixed up so plastic kid cups will stop threatening to fall out when I open the door of one particularly bad one.

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