Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lists, Games, Kids and Kindle

Well, I didn't get all the things on my to do list finished today but I made a significant dent in it. What I didn't get done has been rolled over to my list for tomorrow which has already been made and included taking my kids to the park with Nerf guns to go pellet each other with styrofoam darts.

Should burn off some energy and get any sibling rivalry aggression out in a safe way at the same time. The plan is to then head back home, put Ellie down for a nap and try one more time to learn how to play the Magic card game with Tristan. I sort of get it since we've played it three times now, but I'm not too good at it and he keeps winning. Which I suppose is good for his self esteem so I don't mind. Maybe I'll dig out our old chess set. We haven't played that together in probably a year and we were talking about it at the dinner table tonight.

I didn't make the best was stir fry. But I thought it was lacking some flavor unfortunately. At least my kids didn't complain. That might be because they are learning manners, though. Either that or they were just starving so it tasted divine to them!

That's the ticket to getting children to eat their dinner! Just starve them first!

The last thing on my to do list for today is to get some reading done. I've just recently downloaded my first paid-for novel for my kindle "The Gunslinger". Tristan was at a fundraiser for his school where they were selling used books that all the parents had brought in. He is such a sweetie. He saw "The Dawning of the Three" and that the author is Stephen King. He brought it up to me and asked if I had read that one yet because he knows I like King novels. I said I hadn't and he bought it for me with money he had received for Christmas.

I got it home, began reading and realized it was a book in a series and it wasn't the first one. So I looked it up, found out it is for "The Dark Tower" series, which I had heard of but never read, obviously and I bought the first in the series "The Gunslinger" so that I would be able to read the one Tristan bought for me afterward.

So far I'm enjoying it...and now I shall knock one more thing off my to do list for the day by bidding you adieu and picking up my kindle.

Shameless plug of my current favorite poster!

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