Friday, March 18, 2011

To Do List

I've made myself a long list of things to get done today and allocated a certain amount of time for each item. So far, I've completed two and a half of them...blogging wasn't on the list, so I'm fitting it in.
I'm in the middle of doing a top to bottom cleaning of my kitchen. It needs a complete wipe down and disinfect. And I have to get the dishwasher emptied so the maintenance guy can come take a look at my broken dishwasher.

Off to get back to the rest of my list. I have until 5:30 today to get it all done.

And just as a side note, check out one of my favorite mouse pads on Zazzle.
My original design was part of a contest back in 2007.
LINK to this one.

This is the redesign I did after I knew a little more about how to design in Zazzle.
LINK to this one!

Hope you enjoy!

Until Next Time,

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