Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hot Naked Yoga

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I've heard of this, but never been to a class before.  I've actually never been to any yoga class, but you can bet your top dollar you will never catch me in one of those hot naked yoga classes.

Doesn't mean that the idea won't inspire me to draw a hot naked yogi in a tree pose.  I've included both the black and white original I did with just charcoals and the colourized version I did afterward.

Honestly though, the last thing I want to do is have myself hanging out all out for everyone to see while simultaneously trying to figure out how to do yoga poses in a room full of other naked people.

I have a hard enough time doing yoga poses fully clothed in my own living room with no one watching me.  And no one to watch save for the ultra flexible leotard-wearing skinny chicks on the videos I bought because my doctor told me I should do yoga.

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She kind of looks to me like she is holding her breath.  Which might be a little bit of self reflection because well, for one, I used my own arm for a figure study subject.  Definitely not my body though.  Secondly, I tend to hold my breath while trying to get into the ridiculously difficult for me poses that are supposed to be for beginners.

How they are for beginners, I will never figure out.  I can do maybe half of them. I can stand on one foot with my arms above my head for instance.  But again, I forget to breathe.

Back to the hot naked yoga.  Have you tried it?  Would you be willing to try it?

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