Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Long Day

Today was a long day.  It started out pretty well.  My kids woke me up earlier than I would have liked to have been awoken but my son brought me a requested cup of tea and then I put on a pilates dvd that I followed almost all the way through.

It was my first living room workout since my foot was broken back in early February and I think it was pretty successful. It was a good workout and I was able to do almost all the stuff the instructor was doing save for a couple things I had to modify because of my foot but I kept moving and that's what counts.

After that, I showered and dressed and put dinner in the crock pot.  A pot roast.  It was delish!  I whipped up a side of creamy mashed potatoes and I'll have to work out again tomorrow morning just to work off those taters!

I got a bunch of stuff done on my newest Zazzle store and I kept myself from getting sucked back into the book I'm reading ... until now.  I've got to go because I have to pick it up again now that the kids are in bed and I'm done working for a bit.  I'm on the third of the Dark Tower series.

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