Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break

My ten year old son, Tristan has been on Spring break all week this week.  That's why I've been incognito.  We have been very busy cleaning my house.  Actually, he has been very busy cleaning my house.  Mopping the floors, washing laundry, vacuuming, organizing bookshelves, cleaning the bathtub and sorting socks to name a few.
Why the heck would I have Tristan spend his Spring break doing all these things?  Well, last week he got in trouble at school and I got a call from the Vice Principal.  Grounded!
Since we don't watch a lot of TV (as in I will go an entire week without turning it on) taking that away wasn't really in the cards.  I did mention that if his little sister, Ellie might want to view a movie, he would not be allowed to participate.
He also had his cell phone taken away and could only use it with prior permission to talk to his dad and grandma.  It is sitting on my desk now.  He was not happy about that.  Especially since he has this thing about knowing exactly what time it is.  I think that bothers him more than not texting everyone.
Ellie and I made cookies on her birthday on Monday.  She turned four.  He was not allowed to participate in the cookie making.  He was, however allowed to take pictures of us making cookies.
Tristan did get a piece of cake but at Ellie's birthday lunch at Gordito's, he got a plain bean and cheese burrito and chose not to get the glass of water he would have been allowed.  He was a bit grumpy at lunch so he had a little time-out in the corner of the restaurant at a vacant table by himself.  We were one of only a few tables occupied that day anyway.

Then things went totally old skool.  He had loaded the dishwasher and I told him for the second time that day that when he was finished, he needed to wipe out the sink too.  He started talking back to me and using that particular tone that gets on my last nerve.  He spent the next five minutes sitting on the toilet lid with a bar of soap hanging half out of his mouth.

Funny.  I haven't had him talk back to me in a couple of days.  It's been nice.
I'll tell you though.  It is almost easier to just do all the housekeeping myself.  It is totally exhausting having a child who is grounded.  I'm constantly having to find another thing for him to do and then show him how to do it properly, then check his work when he's done.

I have had more time for cooking though.  I've made some pretty delicious food this week.  My facebook friends have been salivating at some of the pictures I've posted in my FOOD photo album.

I hope the next week I get to spend with my kids will be less tiresome and much more enjoyable.

Until Next Time,

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