Friday, July 18, 2014

Transcript of Chat with Comcast Customer Service

I needed to make an appointment with Comcast so I went on their chat because I didn't have the time to have a lengthy conversation that would take me away from my desk.
This is the chat verbatim with names hidden and sensitive information blacked out.
For reference, the chat was initiated at approximately 1:50 PM.

user CUSTOMER has entered room
analyst Analyst 1 has entered room
Analyst 1: Hello CUSTOMER _, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Analyst 1. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Analyst 1: Hi my name is Analyst 1! I hope you are having a great day! I’m here to help.
CUSTOMER _: My Issue: I would like to schedule an appointment to have a technician come to my house to put in a second X1 box and move my existing X1 box to a different location.
CUSTOMER _: Thank you!
Analyst 1: Hi there Customer! How are you?
Analyst 1: I do understand you want ot have a technician to install your new X1 box and to move your another X1 box. Don't worry I can schedule you.
CUSTOMER _: Perfect! Thank you.
CUSTOMER _: We also ordered a small box for the other room. It arrived on Wed so we are ready to go.
Analyst 1: Congratulations! For all of your new boxes!
Analyst 1: Thank you for providing your account information on the chat initiation form. For account security, can you please verify the last four digits of your SSN?
Analyst 1: Thank you so much! May I know if oyur new X1 is already delivered onnyour house?
CUSTOMER _: I believe it is just the small box. The last person I chatted with said that we could get one but I think the technician was just going to bring it.
Analyst 1: I see, for we can make sure let me check your account first.
CUSTOMER _: Okay, no problem.
Analyst 1: Thank you for your understanding.
Analyst 1: Upon checking you upgarde your cable service
CUSTOMER _: I'm sorry. I don't know what you mean?
Analyst 1: I am sorry to confuse you the last changes that I see on your account is on July 13 ac you cable service had an upgrade.
CUSTOMER _: Oh I see. Okay.
Analyst 1: I would like to inform you that there is a $99.99 charge for the installation.
CUSTOMER _: I was told in a previous chat that there would be no charge.
Analyst 1: Sorry for the wrong message, my bad.
CUSTOMER _: When are appointments available?
Analyst 1: Sorry for the long wait.
Analyst 1: May I know first if you want an X1 HD box or an X1 SD box?
CUSTOMER _: We don't need HD. Thanks
CUSTOMER _: I believe our current one is SD. Are you able to look that up?
CUSTOMER _: We just want the same thing we have now.
Analyst 1: Yes you are correct let me process now your request and check for the available dates.
Analyst 1: Thank you for the information.
CUSTOMER _: You are welcome.
Analyst 1: You are most welcome.
Analyst 1: I would like to correct the information that I first provided earlier.
Analyst 1: The installation fee would be $50 (one time charge only) and for the box fee it will be $9.95 a month.
Analyst 1: Shall I complete the order now?
CUSTOMER _: Why is there an installation fee? I was not notified of this before. We only want to have the box that we should have got upon our first install date which was botched up because the technician only had one box with him.
CUSTOMER _: Here is a transcript of a chat from the other day:
CUSTOMER _: Ingrid: But you would still like to add an X1 Standard box? Like the one you previously have? CUSTOMER _: Depends on the price. Ingrid: You can also get an non X1 box. Ingrid: But let me take a look on the price for you. Ingrid: Thank you for waiting. CUSTOMER _: Sure. Ingrid: I have checked that X1 Standard box is also free of charge.
Analyst 1: I am soryr about that you will get a free charge for the first box that you will get and for the second box it will now apply for the $9.95 charge for having an X1 SD box. And there is always an installation charge this is for the technician fee.
CUSTOMER _: We already have one box. As you can see in the transcript above, I was told that the second box would be free of charge.
CUSTOMER _: Are you there?
Analyst 1: Sorry for the delay.
Analyst 1: I am checking on my resources please bare with me.
CUSTOMER _: There have been a few of those during this conversation. Please reply in a more timely manner. 2:15 PM
CUSTOMER _: 2:17 PM -- I really don't have time to prolong this conversation.
Analyst 1: I am sorry for the inconvenience.
CUSTOMER _: 2:17 - thank you
CUSTOMER _: 2:19:45 -- are you there?
Analyst 1: I would like to inform you that the last agent information about the free charge is for the installation fee which it will be $99.99 for the first installation of an X1 box with a free X1 sd box and fr the second box our system indicates a $9.95 fee for another X1 Sd box .
CUSTOMER _: 2:20:37 -- we have already had installation of our first box.
CUSTOMER _: We never received our free second box.
Analyst 1: I do understand however for every box there is a fee for the technician who will installing your box.
CUSTOMER _: Can you transfer me to a different analyst?
Analyst 1: I am sorry for that Customer, if you want I can also process a free SD box for you however for an X1 SD box there is a charge for it.
CUSTOMER _: Can you transfer me to a different analyst?
CUSTOMER _: Hello?
CUSTOMER _: We have now been chatting for well over half an hour. I want to talk to someone else.
Analyst 1: My apologiesfor this I am here for you let me check again on my resources.
Analyst 1: Good news!
CUSTOMER _: Don't check your resources. Transfer me to someone else.
Analyst 1: As I check I see a free X1 SD box for you.
CUSTOMER _: Great. Now please transfer me to someone else.
Analyst 1: I really do apologize about the confusion earlier. It's just that the system is quite slow that is why I was not able to check onthe correct price.
CUSTOMER _: Slow system should not alter pricing.
Analyst 1: I can still help you though.
CUSTOMER _: I want your manager.
Analyst 1: I do understand your point, Customer.
CUSTOMER _: It is now 2:28:10. Transfer me to your manager please.
Analyst 1: Slow system is not showing prices that is why I was able to give you the correct price.
CUSTOMER _: Are you or are you not able to transfer me to your manager?
CUSTOMER _: How many times do I have to ask?
Analyst 1: No need to worry now I can process your request in real time kindly bare with me I am here for you.
CUSTOMER _: Are you or are you not able to transfer me to your manager?
CUSTOMER _: I'm done waiting for you. Give me someone else. NOW!!!
Analyst 1: My apologies, kindly wait for a minute while I am processing the transfer to my Manger.
CUSTOMER _: About time.
CUSTOMER _: 2:33 -- still waiting.
Analyst 1: I would like to inform you I am now creating a tickte so that I can transfer you to our Manager.
CUSTOMER _: 2:34:10 -- thank you
Analyst 1: You are most welcome.
Analyst 1: May I have the best phone number we can call you?
CUSTOMER _: Nope. I don't have time for that.
CUSTOMER _: 2:36
CUSTOMER _: 2:37
CUSTOMER _: 2:38
Analyst 1: I apologize if this is taking more time than usual. Would you mind waiting for a minute or two while I finish it? I would greatly appreciate it.
CUSTOMER _: I've been waiting 40.
CUSTOMER _: I would greatly appreciate more timely customer service.
Analyst 1: I really apologize for the inconvenience.
CUSTOMER _: I appreciate your apology.
Analyst 1: Sorry for the delay I am now just waiting for our Manager to receive the chat.
CUSTOMER _: 2:44:10
CUSTOMER _: 2:46:15
CUSTOMER _: 2:48
Analyst 1: I do aplogies Customer, please wait for a moment while I am now connecting you to our Manager.
CUSTOMER _: Waiting... just keeping track of how long it's taking.
CUSTOMER _: If these chat sessions had time stamps, I wouldn't need to do that.
CUSTOMER _: 2:50:35
CUSTOMER _: 2:52:10
Analyst 1: I do apologize kindly wait for a few minutes while the transfer is being process.
CUSTOMER _: I've been doing that for several minutes.
CUSTOMER _: 2:54:45
CUSTOMER _: 2:56:15
Analyst 1: This is a good opportunity to tell you that I enjoyed assisting you Customer, and is looking forward for your continued patronage. Please stay connected to the chat for our Manager.
Analyst 1: Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst
CUSTOMER _: My Issue: I would like to schedule an appointment to have a technician come to my house to put in a second X1 box and move my existing X1 box to a different location.
user CUSTOMER has entered room
analyst Analyst Manager has entered room
Waiting for response from Analyst 1
analyst Analyst 1 has left room
Analyst Manager: Hi, Customer!
CUSTOMER _: 2:58 - Hello Analyst Manager.
Analyst Manager: How can I help you today, Customer?
CUSTOMER _: I would just like to make an appointment please. There should be no installation charge for this appointment and it is our second X1 box which should also be free of charge.
CUSTOMER _: Can you tell me when appointments are available?
Analyst Manager: Sure no problem. I can process this appointment for you.
CUSTOMER _: 2:59 - that would be wonderful. Much appreciated.
Analyst Manager: Can you give me 3 minutes to pull up your account. May I have your account number please?
CUSTOMER _: 3:01 - Our account number is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Analyst Manager: Thank you so much!
CUSTOMER _: You are very welcome!
Analyst Manager: Pleae allow me to pull up your account now.
CUSTOMER _: 3:01 - Okay.
Analyst Manager: Thanks!
CUSTOMER _: 3:02 - 
Analyst Manager: What's goona happen here Customer is that your second box will be free of charge and I will be waiving any installation charges that you will get on the installation of this box. Will this be a good resolution for you?
CUSTOMER _: 3:04 -- that would be absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much!
Analyst Manager: You are most welcome, Customer. I'm just processing the order for you and in a bit I will give you your schedule.
Analyst Manager: Just give me a few minutes here while I process this for you.
Analyst Manager: I appreciate your time and patience.
CUSTOMER _: 3:06 -- okay.
CUSTOMER _: 3:06 - You are most welcome.
Analyst Manager: Thanks for waiting, Customer.
Analyst Manager: I'm trying to process here on my end the free secondary box. I'm getting an error and cannot complete the process. Would it be fine to have a $9.95 charge for this box every month and have no installation charges to pay upon install?.
CUSTOMER _: 3:09 - I was told in a chat with someone named Ingrid earlier this week that we were supposed to get a second X1 box free of charge and that the 3rd box (the small adapter box) would have a monthly charge of $1.99.
Analyst Manager: I apologize if you were misinformed that the box will be free. Only the 1st outlet or cable box is free, Customer. Any additional outlets will have a corresponding charge depending on the box ordered.
Analyst Manager: I can waive the installation charges but the charge for the box, since it is required, cannot be waived.
Analyst Manager: My sincerest apologies, Customer.
CUSTOMER _: 3:11 - We already have the outlet installed. We had an electrician do that for us.
Analyst Manager: I understand that, Customer. The outlet we are referring to is the box itself.
CUSTOMER _: 3:12 - Ah, I see. Okay.
CUSTOMER _: 3:12 -- well if there is no other option, would you be able to give us a credit on our account?
Analyst Manager: May I ask what is the credit for?
Analyst Manager: I can waive the installation charge for the second box install.
CUSTOMER _: 3:14 - Yes, I was told by two different people now that the install charge would not be charged. However, since I was also told that there would not be a charge for the second X1 box, I would like compensation in some manner.
Analyst Manager: I'm sorry, Customer but we can only provide monetary credit or compensation for the services. I understand that you want to be compensated for being misinformed. I have already initiated to waive the install charges for your second box. Will this be fine with you so I can go ahead and process the appointment?
CUSTOMER _: 3:17 - I do find it frustrating to be told one thing and then have something else be actuality. So no, I can't say it's fine with me. But yes, can we please just make the appointment?
Analyst Manager: Great! Will July 27 10 am to 12 pm appointment be alright with you?
CUSTOMER _: 3:19 - Yes, that will be fine.
Analyst Manager: Awesome!
Analyst Manager: I have successfully processed the appointment, Customer.
Analyst Manager: Will there be anything else for today?
CUSTOMER _: 3:19 - Thank you, Analyst Manager.
CUSTOMER _: 3:19 - No, that was all I needed.
Analyst Manager: You are most welcome!
Analyst Manager: Comcast wants to ensure that all customers are satisfied with the services they receive, that is our promise! Our Comcast Customer Guarantee stand behind our products and services and we are available to you 24/7. Learn more about the Comcast Customer Guarantee at click here guarantee. We, at Comcast, listen to our customers and want to hear about your experience chatting with us. If you need assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us through Live Chat (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Comcast also offers great FAQ and Help forums located at click here to help you solve many issues on your own. You can also reach us through our Hotline ( 1-888-739-1379).
The analyst has left and your issue has been closed.

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