Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I'm on a Facebook Diet

A friend posted on her Facebook page one day last week that she was thinking of taking some time away from the website.  I took about three or four weeks away from Facebook last year in August and when I read her post, it made me think it was time to go on another diet.

A Facebook diet.  Not to get away from all the people I love and care about.  To get away from the stress caused by thinking I need to check the website several. times. a. day.  Worrying that I will not see a post if a friend needs something or sharing that funny thing one of my kids (or I) did so I can hopefully make someone smile.

And yes, of course there is also the wanting to see cute animal pictures and videos.  Like pygmy goats in argyle sweaters and cats wearing shark outfits while riding tiny round automated vacuum cleaners.
How can one manage to go a whole week without seeing pictures or videos of cute animals!?

So I put a new cover photo and profile image on my Facebook page.  I would link to them, but that would require me going to my page and since my diet started yesterday, I can't provide you with that.  But I promise it looks very cool!  It's three rocks balanced amidst circles of sand and says that I'm taking a break and will return to FB in October.

One month.  I can do this!  I deleted the app from my cell phone, removed the link from my 'common pages' on Google and bought myself a planner.  Yes, a planner.  Because I assume that I will now have X amount of time each day to devote to things other than a website.
I'm also going to need stamps.  So I can send notes to people -- I have to stay connected somehow!

However there will be one singular day that I will log onto the website, go directly to one person's page, write a brief note and then send him a message.  It'll be my son's 22nd birthday and I'm giving myself permission to post on his page and message him.  Then, I'll log back out, and call him on the phone.

Already since going on this diet, I've finished one book that was taking me far too long to read and started the next in the series.  I've also got more housework done, spent more time with my dog and my wife and am already (on day two) getting used to not having that niggling feeling that I have to check something.

So far, so good.  I'm at least two pounds of stress lighter.

Until Next Time

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