Monday, November 17, 2014

A Little Here and There

How did I get myself a new reflective light-up running jacket, buy my wife a nice birthday present and get a new snazzy rug for in front of our kitchen sink all in the last three months without spending a dime?
You may have heard of Swagbucks in passing or possibly you saw an ad somewhere about making money from home.  And that is exactly what it is with many different ways you can earn.  I redeem mine for Amazon gift cards but there are many different gift cards to choose from and even charities to donate your earnings.
I almost have enough in my Amazon account again to buy a fire grate for our insert.
Do you love shopping?  Swagbucks has a shopping link and you can earn anywhere between 1 and 30 SB (Swagbucks Points) for every dollar you spend on the sites.

Some examples are:
Tracphone, Wholesale Party Supplies, McAfee,
Straight Talk, Fossil, Groupon, Go Daddy,
Travelocity, CafePress,, Amazon,
Sally Beauty Supply, Snapfish, Entertainment,
Crocs, Nordstrom, Starbucks, Lancome,
The Body Shop, Levi's, Puma, Carhartt, PetCo
and so many more that if I keep listing them all, I'll bore you to death!

All you have to do is shop online through the Swagbucks site.  And if you have a rewards or cash back card that you use, not only do you still earn your rewards through your bank or credit card company, but you also earn Swagbucks points -- some worth much more than the 5% cash back you can get from your bank!

You can also earn by merely doing an online search.  Anything you can think of from Aerie to Zygomatic Process!

There is the "Watch" button to click and catch up on your entertainment news, watch movie trailers, discover new recipes, listen to select musical artists, watch baby snow leopards play, check out some Mashable reviews and more!  I use the SB TV app a LOT especially on weekends.  I open the app, click play and set my phone on the table letting it earn me SB while I enjoy my weekend.

You can play games like spider solitaire, mahjongg tiles, or pegland for free - earning 2 SB for every other game you play.  Wanna hint?  If you just want to earn more SB and killing time isn't your cup of tea, let the game run for 15 seconds and then quit then hit replay and do another 15 seconds.  This gives you 4 SB for every 60 seconds of play time.  :)  You are oh, so welcome!

I earn most of my SB through surveys.  I typically make anywhere from 50 to 250 SB every day.  The least expensive reward is only 5SB.  Those are donations to things like The ALS Association, UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders.
For between 25 and 100SB you can help feed a rescued puppy, provide a child with clean water or plant a tree.
At 200SB is where you an get something for yourself and not just your Karma Points.  :)  That is where you can redeem 200SB for a $10 gift card.  450SB will get you a $5 Amazon gift card.
500SB will get you a $5 Visa gift card and there are so many gift cards to choose from, I can't list them.  The most expensive two are for 50,000SB you can choose a $500 Amazon card or a $500 American Airlines card.

A little here and there will really add up!

Check out and see for yourself!

Enjoy making an extra buck or two here and there!


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