Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Heifer Project Fundraiser Through Amazon

In August 2015, our son and 30 other people will be headed to the 1,200-acre Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas to volunteer part of their summer and do all sort of ranch related activities like harvesting vegetables, milking goats and shoveling manure.  And yes, they are all really excited about this!

The Heifer Ranch raises animals for Heifer International.  You have probably 'liked' a post about it on Facebook at some point because it is an amazing project!

Take a peek at a video they have here about what they do:

No time to watch the video?  Well, basically they raise a healthy farm animal (goat, sheep, yak, water buffalo, pig, rabbits and even honey bees) on the ranch in Arkansas and then when YOU give to the Heifer Project through a charity donation, the animal is then given to a family in a destitute location (like Guatemala for instance or maybe even somewhere here in the US).
But not just given without strings attached.  When someone is given an animal, they must pay it forward.
One possibility is they may be taught how to make cheese from the milk of a goat to sell or trade or give to someone else in need.  And they can breed their goat with their neighbours goat and the offspring can be given to another neighbour and so on until everyone in the community has enough to sustain them and create change for the better.

Here, this says it better than I am able:

If you don't feel like you have any extra cash to donate at this time of year, there is a way you can help raise money to provide the gift to my son of a trip to this farm next year so that he can participate in an amazing learning experience about how fortunate he is and how different the world around him really is.  And at the same time, for one week, he will be helping to raise farm animals that will eventually be donated to someone in need.

All you have to do is shop on through this link right HERE!  And a percentage* of your purchases will go straight to helping make this trip possible and helping not only my son, but a total of 31 people spend a week in Perryville, Arkansas volunteering part of their summer to help out Heifer International.

And when they get there, here is a one night example of what they may experience for a full five nights!

*I think the donation percentage is 5%, but I'll have to verify that.

If you are able to help out, I can't thank you enough!


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