Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Babies, Kids and Mom

I co-sleep with my 14 month old daughter. She is a great snuggler when she is first falling asleep. But once she is out, she rolls over and proceeds to take up as much room as possible in the same position one would use to make a snow angel.

So, I scoot over to my edge of the bed as she sprawls out in the middle and kicks any form of sheet or blanket off her and me. I wrestle with staying covered as she wrestles with staying uncovered.

She is still nursing, so three to four times every night, I hear her fuss and I roll over to nurse her.

There is a form of sleeping that once you become a mother, you can accomplish. It consists of closing your eyes and looking and sounding like you are sleeping, but still being able to feed a hungry baby, rub the hurting belly of your sick child or even get up and get a drink of water and take a potty break. All the while, still getting something akin to sleep...cause we all know mom's don't really sleep. ;)

Mom's are special people. But children are even more so. My baby daughter is so special, that I happen to know it's her nap time at daycare when I can barely keep my eyes open while sitting in front of my computer at work.

As I talk with people at my work, my teenage daughter comes up in conversation easily with people who I had no idea had children 18 seconds before I met them.

I have begun listening to the music my teen son and daughter listen to so I could have an idea of what today's teens are listening to, and I find myself liking it.

My 7 year old pops into my thoughts at least 14 times every day. Sometimes it's 14 times every hour. Any ideas on how to get a child to eat a meal when he thinks eating is something you do with food sitting in your cheek?

Whoa there, I just got sidetracked. You see, this post was supposed to be about how my co-sleeping daughter is causing massive sleep deprivation which is affecting my ability to focus or even stay awake during daylight hours for that matter; therefore, I am considering moving her to her crib which is in a room on the other side of the house.

I can't tell if that is a bad idea or not because I need to repair about 15 years of sleep deprivation.

I need to edit that last sentence, but I'm so tired, I can't tell what needs fixing.


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