Friday, March 19, 2010

Fat and Happy?

As a segue into this post from my last one... I had been working on losing weight ever since my daughter was born nearly three years ago. I was heavy for my body type when I got pregnant with her and I was huge by the time she was born.

It took me over two years, but I had finally got to the point where I had lost seventy-five pounds and I was so proud of myself for being so close to my final goal. Then, I started seeing someone and gained nine of those pounds back in five months and it feels like all that weight is in my mid-section.

I'm happy in my relationship and she has told me she's gained some weight since we started dating too. In her latest phone conversation with her mom, she is told it is just honeymoon weight. So what, we are both fat and happy? I'll take the happy minus the fat, thanks.

What am I doing about it?

Well, I was running when we started dating in October. Then in December it got cold, rainy and my running shoes started falling apart. Literally. So, I quit running. Yes, that was my first mistake!

But, it is starting to warm up again, the sun is out and my motivation is back with it. Yesterday I went for a brisk walk during work and then worked out on my Wii (tennis and bowling) for about 30 minutes. A light start, yes, but with my current fitness level, I need to start back up light so I don't injure myself.

I have also started low-carbing and keeping track of my daily food intake using It's a fantastic resource and is super easy to use. I don't use their pre-programed meal plans though because they focus on a low-fat rather than low-carb diet.

I've had a couple of days where I went over my goal, but over all, I'm doing rather well given that I used to be vegetarian and ate pretty much nothing but carbohydrates.

I believe I'll continue to be happy in the relationship if I lose those nine pounds again. And I plan to lose the other four or five pounds that will get me to my goal too.

Onward toward a thinner happy me!

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