Monday, September 27, 2010

And This Too Shall Pass

Once again I am called upon to hone my skills of patience and determination. Last week as I went to pick my children up and take them to school, I was blindsided by becoming an involuntary participant in a dance I had partaken in all too many times in my life already.
Yes, the word 'dance' is used metaphorically and intentionally leaves you wondering to what it is I am referring.
I shall leave that for you, dear reader, to ponder and allow you to come to your own conclusion.
I thought for a few seconds that it was to be a short dance, but after further consideration, I decided to allow the dance to flow with the music for which it was written.
No, I was not the original composer of this particular piece; that would have been the person who pulled me to the dance floor.
I, however, took the lead after the first few steps and have begun to write in my own notations in the margin with an indelible ink thereby forever altering the piece.
I did not want to participate in this dance and would have preferred it never to have occurred. Unfortunately, I did not have a say in the matter.
I do, though, have a say in how I conduct myself on the dance floor. I choose to do so elegantly and with grace even though a part of me wants to lash out.
In this particular dance, there are more than just two on the floor and if I were to act without prior judgement of such action, it may cause undue harm to the other dancers.
Every composition comes to an end. Stepping to this piece has altered the path of my life but it too shall pass.

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