Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Resolutions Revisited

And now here we are again a year after I wrote of my resolutions for 2010. What were those resolutions? Well, I won't make you search through my blog all the way back to January of 2010. I will make it easy on you instead and just post them here for you to read.
  1. Keep up with my writing
  2. Continue exercising to make my final weight goal
  3. Get back into art - painting, sketching, photography, etc
  4. Be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind
Let's visit them in a linear fashion by addressing number one first, shall we!

I haven't kept up with my writing to the degree I hoped I would, but I did do a little more writing than I did in 2009. First of all, I began journaling again - a private journal that is. Something I did none of in '09. I did not, however post more to my blog in '10 (29 posts) than I did in '09 (30 posts). Maybe this year I will beat that out of the water. We shall see at the end of the year if I've been able to increase my blog writing. I have indeed increased my writing on facebook since this year I opened a facebook page for my Zazzle store.

As for resolution number two, I did exercise in twenty-ten. I did not keep up with it as much as I should have, but I did start running; only to stop two months after starting. Sigh. So, I have started back up with walking again for this year. I did not make it to my weight goal. I still have about fifteen pounds to go but hey, last year at this time, I had twenty pounds to go. Yea me! I lost a whole five pounds in twelve months! Now I'm rolling my eyes at myself. I do have an exercise t-shirt that I wear while exercising that I got from my Zazzle store. I bought the orange one. I think I'd like to get a ringer one next time. This year, I will certainly be doing more exercise. I have signed up to do an event called the Warrior Dash. Now I have to exercise so I don't look like a total fool while I'm competing!

Resolution number three was to do more art. This one I can definitely say I have accomplished. Not only have I begun drawing a lot more, but I've started learning how to use PhotoShop and a couple of other graphic programs as well. And I have been playing my flute, learning to read music again, helping my ten year old son learn to play the piano and even learning some piano myself. You can teach an old dog new tricks! I have been taking more photographs, and even started painting. I will keep pushing to do more art, but now I don't quite feel the same pressure.

My fourth resolution was "Be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind". I did have a bit of a bump this year in my peace of mind but I reached out to my friends, family and community and feel that I have been able to ultimately accomplish this resolution. The love of my life has been such a support to me. Without her by my side, it would have been harder for me to keep my peace of mind.

Something else that contributed to my peace of mind was falling head over heels in love with Steph, buying a camping trailer with her, heading off to the Caribbean where I asked her to marry me and hearing her say "Yes." We have now been together for fifteen months and I have to say it has been the happiest fifteen months of my entire life. I can't wait until the day we get to stand in front of our friends and family on our wedding day.

One thing I did not add to my resolution list was to travel more. I accomplished this one without resolving to do so. I just knew I would. Steph and I had already planned a week long trip through California and Nevada by the time I had written my resolution list last year. By the time we got back, we were planning our next trip which was a week long cruise in the Caribbean in the end of October and beginning of November. Before we went on our cruise, we took a weekend trip to Eastern Washington for a concert where we began talking about buying a trailer together. The next month, we had the trailer and went on a couple of camping trips with it. The month after that, we went on a white water rafting trip and then it was time for our cruise. All of these trips were fabulous and we are now talking about another trip soon. This one will just be a little three day extended weekend but we are both very excited about it as it will encompass our favorite ride the Hollywood Tower of Terror and we still sometimes yell out "Tower, tower, tower!!!" just to remind each other that we can't wait to go back. And I'll have to get this Tower of Terror shirt just to wear on the ride!

See you next year - and we'll see if I've finally got to my goal weight. I better, I'm getting married!

Jessica In Seattle


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