Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Can Do It!

I still have a really hard time seeing myself as a real artist.  I think of myself as someone who just dabbles in the arts because I like doing it and I never see it as work.  Then I have conversations with people who do see themselves as artists and they all say that they feel truly blessed because their "work" is such "play" that they easily lose themselves in their art and hours go by until they look up at a clock and realize that both lunch and dinner time have passed and they've forgotten to take a break.

It is when I hear statements like this that I realize I do the very same thing and something in me clicks.  I really am an artist.  Then, some time goes by and I don't sell very many designs and I begin to lose my confidence again.  I seem to really require the accolades of others to keep me in a forward momentum with my art.  I wish it weren't so.  But selling my designs, hearing someone say they like a particular work, or receiving a custom request all tickle that artistic bone in me.

In the past couple of weeks, I've had three custom requests.  The first one I was certain there was no way I could do what was requested.  But my friend has more confidence in my abilities than I have in myself and she wants me to design her business logo for her.  I went over to her house to do a photo shoot and get a better idea of what she really wants.  I only took about 20 photos but it was enough.  Now I'm jazzed about figuring out how to do this for her and everything I'm about to learn as I embark upon this incredible challenge.

Then my daughter tells me she wants to have Elephant Princess stickers for her upcoming birthday.  I do a little sketch of one for her on the spot and she says "Yeah, like that!"  Now I have to draw it on proper sketch paper,  upload it, scale it, add it to Zazzle, order it and have it arrive in time for her birthday party.  I have twenty-three days!  Eeeps!

I got a message after adding some more stuff to my Intimate Design store the other day.  A friend of a friend asked if I've ever designed a tattoo before.  "Well", I said, "I've designed one for myself and then chickened out on getting it done".  I guess that was all she needed to hear.  She said that she has been looking for someone to design something specific for her and hasn't been successful as of yet but she thinks I might be able to do it for her.

She wants a Vitruvian Goddess.  You all know the drawing of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci.  The perfect human dimensions.  Oh my!  Could I even come close to the work of da Vinci?  Do I even attempt such a feat?  Knowing that she's a massage therapist, I ask if she would like the chakras included in the sketch.  She writes back amazed that I knew to ask about the chakras.

I begin to take this as a sign that maybe I am the right person to do this design for her after all.  I ask about a few additional specifics she is looking for and tell her I will do a couple of quick sketches and send them to her.

I'm working on them now.  I'll have to let you know later what she says.  Could potentially take me weeks to get it how she wants it.  Another challenge.  I'm up to it!  Until then, you can view my latest piece below.
(and there is a link beneath if you happen to be interested in owning it - or seeing more of my work)

Confidence stirs within this artist!

Until Next Time,
Soul View Poster


  1. Jess, yes, you can do it, and you will! I like your sentence. "I think of myself as someone who just dabbles in the arts because I like doing it and I never see it as work.", because it applies to me as well. I've never gone to an art school (I just work at one-lol) myself. I very much think that you are an artist - keep going, please!

  2. Thank you so much, Ulla. I have seen your work and it is amazing to me, so to hear that you've never been schooled either gives me even more confidence. I so appreciate your kind words.