Friday, November 18, 2011

In Response

I received a comment on my blog post from Wednesday and I would like to respond publicly, so I am responding with another blog post.

The comment:
"How would giving a loving couple the right to marry shatter the sanctity of marriage?"

I think we all know the answer to that question. I'm sure those who oppose this are of the same demographic who were for segregation, preventing minorities from voting, preventing women from voting, and those who still are prejudiced against mixed-race marriages.

Women can vote, minorities can vote, share a seat in the front of a bus, and marry. It's sad that many politicians still dare not upset the conservative voters, but eventually they will and same-sex couples will be recognised the same as non-same-sex couples.
My response:

First, your words mean so very much to me, Daniel; I thank you!

In addition, yes, I know there are hundreds of thousands in this vast world who believe in segregation on many levels.  Religion and politics are used to justify some of these belief systems.  Others believe in some form of segregation due to parental teaching or because it is the laws of their country.

Separating same sex couples from non-same-sex couples (I have to admit your choice of wording made me smile) is just another form of segregation.

Separating the rights of women from the rights of men, as is common in many countries around this world, is another form.

Moreover, one could argue, the separation of CEO's from the person who sorts the mail is yet another.  This is the general basis for the Occupy Wall Street protests we have heard about, been a part of or seen.  It surrounds us on a daily basis without much thought.

It is true that we have made incredible progress toward equality but we still have quite a ways to go.  The average annual pay for a woman is still less than that for a man with the same job description.  The gap has decreased over the years as on June 10, 1963 it became illegal to pay women lower rates for the same job strictly on the basis of their sex.  That has not closed the gap completely however.

Here is a tidbit:
Median Annual Pay for
Full-Time Working Men in 2010
Median Annual Pay for
Full-Time Working Women in 2010


There are so many forms of segregation, I cannot address them all here or no one would read my blog as it would be far too encompassing a read.
I look forward to the day when politicians dare upset the conservative voters to allow same sex marriage and we close the door a little further on inequality.

Equality by JessicaInSeattle
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